Monday, May 2, 2011

My Thing With Bridges

Preparing to place a piece of the new bridge across the rubber dam at Tempe Town Lake
(That's the Tempe Center for the Arts across the way. Checkout the cool virtual tour.)

Back in January, I noticed the banner up on the fence here declaring the plan to build a pedestrian bridge across the top of the rubber dam that creates Tempe Town Lake. On my tri-city bicycle tour this weekend, I saw that the construction boffins are preparing to place the first section of the bridge on top of the dam. This bridge will not only provide a way for cyclists and pedestrians to cross here, but will also offer some protection to the rubber dam from the sun, with the intent of delaying the next time that it goes POP!!! and lets the lake drain. 

Weekend constructors, not a common sight!

The project supervisors all turned out

This skeptical egret seemed to be the overseer. The cormorants appeared to be scanning the water for something...

The tri-city bicycle tour machine. With the mighty tri chain ring!!

It's possible the bridge boffins were preparing to do the lift that day, but unfortunately I couldn't stick around to find out. As I mosied on down the riverbed toward the big metal tree sculpture I wrote about yesterday, they seemed to be clearing the area, either to lift, or because they realized it was the weekend, and got the heck out of there. Maybe when they are done here, I can convince them to drop a span across Indian School Road and the Arizona Canal at the north end of the Crosscut Path. Now THAT would be a connection the egret supervisors would approve, a real link-up in the metro cycling system. Get up. Go ride.


  1. Typical supervisors.
    Just standing around.

  2. Seems like it should be nice to have a crossing there. Not sure what the egrets and cormorants are going to do, though!

  3. limom the supervisors were also squawking quite a bit. They seemed to be bickering amongst themselves.

    Apertome, I'll report back on the impacts of the bridge on the feathered friends.

    DAN I would have also liked some pics of the span up in the air lifted by the crane.


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