Friday, May 6, 2011

Central Ave and the Grand Canal, Phoenix

Three palms + Brophy Prep

This is a view from along the Grand Canal path in Phoenix, Arizona, of a steeple or tower at Brophy Prep school, off Central Ave. I was going to ding these Spanish-style constructions in Phoenix, of which there are several, for not blending in well with the architecture and neighborhoods around them. Derelict gas station surrounded with chainlink and barbed wire across the street from St. Thomas the Apostle, I'm thinking of you. Then, I recalled other cities I've visited, particularly the great city of Merida, Yucatan, and the situation there visually looks very similar in some cases, where modern cityscapes have sprung up around Spanish mission architecture, with similar results. The missions thrive, and the city grows around them. So I framed this shot with just the palm trees and the tower, and like that, too--palm trees are not exactly native to this area, either, but once they get a root-hold, the spread like weeds. Scenes from a bicycle. Get up. Go ride.

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