Sunday, April 24, 2011

Trees Trees Trees Ya!

And the Palo Verde trees were all like POP!!!

Bee heaven

An arch of native mesquite to shade my path

I did a quick drive up north of Phoenix this week, and noticed that the Palo Verde trees have all discussed the matter, and reached the conclusion that it is time to explode in yellow blossoms. The freeway was lined for miles with trees like this, in full yellow glory, exploding with spring. It's a tree flower riot in progress. It's so bright that it is surreal, you look at it and doubt it really can be so intense. The bees seemed to be really enjoying themselves when I took that middle picture--the buzzing was loud and exuberant. And I think that after living here in the desert for all these years, I have finally figured out the difference between palo verde, mesquite, acacia, and creosote. Now just when I say that, I'm going to be out hiking some time and not be able to tell which is which. Anyway, I do know how to find a few edibles in the desert, and how to deal with prickly pear fruit's tiny spines, so I am not completely useless as a desert botanist anyway. Currently, however, the bright yellow flower explosions are not exactly conducive to logic or reason, but more like dancing in the sunshine. If you see me standing next to my bicycle dancing in the sunshine, I suggest you not judge, but rather set down your bike, too, and join me. Listen to the bees: they know what time it is. Get up. Go ride.



  1. You know, you are beginning to remind of Kokopelli.
    For some odd reason.
    It must be the dancing.
    JRA, Kokopelli on wheels!
    Making mischief in the desert!
    You must get flute.
    Or at least one of them recorder thingys.

  2. Steve, they hear you, they are!

    limom, I like that, trying to be like True Kokopelli would require lots of time out in the desert playing the flute and dancing. Not wearing t-shirts of him picked up in airport terminals on the way out of Phoenix, but instead sitting on a rock below a saguaro w/flute. Interesting...


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