Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Cleaning: Renounce Cringing

Acacia blossoms among last years seed pods

Time for spring cleaning. Old thoughts, disposed of like so many glossy magazines stoking desires for next year's lighter, more responsive, stiffer model. I will endeavor to speak truthful words. I will endeavor to speak helpful words. I will renounce cringing. I am currently reading Pay Attention, for Goodness' Sake: The Buddhist Path of Kindness By Sylvia Boorstein. Love it. An excellent guide to cycling in heavy traffic. G00g1e search for "renounce cringing" returned one hit prior to this post: that book. I guess a proper review would include a more explicit exposition of why I love it, or why I think it's an excellent guide to cycling in heavy traffic. Because it is spring cleaning time. Because the acacia trees are exploding in flowers. Since I rode my bicycle through a cloud of them swirling on a windy day, I hereby renounce cringing. The first step is right here. Get up. Go ride.


  1. We got shower trees here, some with yellow some with pink falling thingys.
    I rode through them watching them swirl around the street.
    I only managed to capture the moment in my head.

  2. Glad to see you back, JRA!

    Yeah, see, "cringing" has never really been an issue for me. About the only things which make me cringe are those horrible things which make EVERYBODY cringe: child pornography, spousal abuse, animal cruelty, Republicans in bathing suits, etc., etc.

    And even then, the cringing is not really a problem because I don't stay "cringed" for long: I rebound, usually with a ferocity which is WAY out of proportion with the power of the cringe factor. So, maybe I should devote MY mental spring cleaning towards thoughts which "repudiate rebounding belligerency."

    About Acacia blossoms. My neighbor has several Acacia trees, and the springtime winds always blow them into my swimming pool. When I go out on Saturday mornings to skim and brush, and clean the filters, it looks like I'm working on a huge vat of orange soda!

    How's THAT for a springtime image!

  3. limom I am a big adherent to the head moment capturing.

    BluesCat, Hi! A huge vat of orange soda...spring! No results found at all on g00g13 for "repudiate rebounding belligerency". I think you've got yourself a post title there.

  4. I fully understand the "cringe factor" associated with riding in heavy traffic. I have experienced it many times. The only thing that makes me cringe more are the public auditions on American Idol. I can't watch that stupid show.

  5. Those Acacia blossoms sure are beautiful! I love spring.


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