Saturday, April 16, 2011

Can You Love a Place?

Place love: discuss

Defining love as a reciprocal emotional relationship between two sentient beings (thus admitting the possibility that I love my cat(s)), results in a difficulty: how is it possible to love a place? Can a place love back? Which naturally leads to questions about loving your bicycle, but we'll leave that for another time. Just questions to ponder on a quiet Saturday bicycle ride. Get up. Go ride.


  1. LOVE = An intense feeling of deep affection for a person or thing.(concise oxford dictionary)

    I suppose a place could come under the heading 'thing' at a stretch.
    I don't think that love demands that it is a reciprocal emotion. I know I loved my cat till he died a few years ago and I also know I love my bikes although I think that there are levels of love......


  2. Randy Newman loves LA.
    I guess it's possible.

  3. I love LA too, though I never plan to live there again...

  4. Trevor, after considering then rejecting a conversation including Hegel (narrowly rejected), I thought I would just mention that I was wondering if we love the place itself, or rather the setting (time, point in our lives, people there with us, random factors), and also that it seems like a place can't love you back like a person can, so it would be a different type of love, anyway.

    limom and Steve, I do not love LA in the Newmanesque fashion. Perhaps that is because I do not really know LA. But can we ever really know a place....


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