Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Normally This Wouldn't Bug Me That Much

The sidewalk. It is there for you.

Under normal circumstances, in a typically chill state of mind just riding along, this wouldn't even phase me. Let alone cause me to take a photo. Let alone blog about it. My reaction is information that I feed back into my own critical processes. I don't like the way that my reaction in this particular instance feels.

Stop looking at your watch. I'll tell you what time it is!

I had some kind of negative thoughts about situation. Less than nice impulses. Other than positive reactions. So I slowed down, took out the camera, took a few shots, and thought it over. By the time I put the camera away and went around him, I more or less made my mind up. I'm going to take a blog break for a while. Not sure how long, but as part of an overall take-a-step-back-and-regroup type of activity. Because I think a tendency toward impatience and overreaction could partly be related to how much time I've been spending, at work and at home, on the computer. Information overload, super-fast processing, responding to floods of emails (ha ha, work, not the blog) with too little time to reflect. Got to do some work on those things. Got to slow down a little. Take some longer rides without the camera along. Stop and smell some flowers, pet some kittens, take my kids to the museums, hug the loved ones, that stuff. Posting here is lots of fun. That's the main reason I do it. So I'll look at this as taking a pause to go and recharge the fun batteries. Rather than leaving you with Mr. Got To Run In the Bike Lane pictures, though, I'll put the blog on pause with some great flowers I saw on the commute ride home tonight. Take care. Get up. Go ride.

Flowers for a blog break


  1. Take care. There are sometimes in our lives when far too much is going on and its good to just smell those roses. 2009 and 2010 was like that for me. My big wish for New Years was for 2011 to "just stand still".

  2. How hard is it to simply make a full lane change to pass? I'd think it'd be easier than passing the mail truck if you were going the other way. For effect, a "pasing on your left" might get some thought going and you probably wouldn't bother with THAT to pass the mail truck.

  3. Take it easy and may the path be clear.

  4. You take care....always good to have some time out from everything that's going on in our lives.....


  5. Take care, JRA, but don't forget: your blog is one of the things which help me recharge my batteries, so don't stay away TOO long.

    ( *snicker* Feel guilty now? *chuckle* Mission accomplished!)

    Now, I can't tell, is that guy wearing a set of earbuds? No matter, he OBVIOUSLY isn't paying attention. Sooooo ...

    Official BluesCat Procedure for Dealing With Inconsiderate Pedestrians
    1. Glide up quietly behind them.
    2. Issue your best imitation of a Horror Movie Victim Scream.
    3. Watch them jump to one side, falling down, getting bruises, etc.
    4. Pedal away ... cackling maniacally.


  6. Sure, blame the Jogger. That's the way is always is with you stuck-up bikers.

  7. :) Please, please... more flowers! I'm still looking at snow. See ya when you're ready.

  8. I'm so far behind in my blog-reading that I didn't even realize you took a break until after you started posting again. Do what you need to do ... though I'm glad you're back!


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