Saturday, March 5, 2011

Goldyrocks and the Three Barrels

Cactus trio, at 80F, in the spring sunshine: and they were all like SPIKE!!

I think I grouched once here about a line of trees planted very straight and regular, and how it would have looked better if the landscaper had gone up to the top of the apartment and thrown beanbags from up there, and planted a tree wherever a beanbag landed. That still sounds pretty good to me. But, on the other hand, these three little cactii, planted carefully in their own little precise isosceles formation, while very regular in their own way, look just about right. Something about things in threes, I suppose. Here, check em out from a slightly different angle:

Goldyrocks and the Three Barrels

Oh sure, they are sitting there looking all confident, golden and relaxed when it's only 80F at sunset. Yeah, we're chillin, it rained a few days ago and we're good to go, full and round of spring's cool water, wildflowers sprouting up all around, pollen starting to fill the air. Four months from now, add 30F more, we'll see how smug and spiky you are then, we'll see. But in this moment? Here and now? Golden. If you hug these globular teddy bears very softly, the spikes don't hurt. It's OK, baby barrel: I'll squirt you with my water bottle when August burns. Get up. Go ride.


  1. I will be carefully watching on July 5 to see what is going on with those bad boys. And will be checking back a mont later to hear if they said "thanks" for the water bottle squirt.

    Regardless, those barrels are MUCH more elegant than our mangy Texas cacti.

  2. So warm and fuzzy looking.
    So deceiving.
    The Flat Tire OSS.

  3. These babies look almost cuddly - not that I would want to try you understand..!

  4. Steve, they do look elegant, don't they! These are well-cultivated, though, I'm sure I can scout out some mangy AZ cactus, too.

    limom, there's a kind that people call Teddy Bear Cholla that are the most deceiving. I'll round up a few pix...

    Trevor, I've been known to hug a saguaro or two myself.


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