Thursday, March 17, 2011

En Plein Air

With the fringe. On top.

In the comments in a recent post about canal-community connections friendly to hungry/thirst cyclists, I mentioned the Scottsdale Waterfront as the only other example I am aware of. On a day like today, in the upper 80s, single-digit humidity, and the scent of citrus blossoms filling the air, every ride is epic, all bicycles are vehicles of inspiration, and all smiles are full of possibility. I don't think that it's unreasonable or out of place to suggest that riding along and seeing these bikes in this spot on this day made me feel like this video. Get up. Go ride.


  1. That video was great. What she's doing with the piano is like prepared piano, only you know, not prepared, and she can change it on the fly. Very cool.

  2. Great video...great fringe on that bike as well. You get some really stylish looking bikes in your part of the world.


  3. The contrast with the way Tom Waits would have done the music is pretty dramatic!

  4. there are 2 good examples in Co. of bike path/river integration - Denver and Ft. Collins. both are excellent cities to ride in (I've done both, Ft. Collins a lot).

    where welive now, in Pueblo...not so much.

  5. Apertome, I love how she plays the piano in this video, too, and her backup guys are sizzling.

    Trevor, the fringe is sweet if you can pull it off. I am fringeless, myself.

    Steve, I checked out the Tom Waits version, and: wow.

    Clowncar, the wikipedia mentions the Arkansas River Walk in Pueblo, can you ride around there?


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