Monday, February 28, 2011

Temporary Cessation of Fixed-Gear Operations

Axle lock nut in a non-operational state

While performing routine maintenance on the wheel of the fixed gear bike, right after trying some wet n wild Wild Shine purple nail polish as touch-up on another bike (fail), one of the axle lock nuts cracked and fell off. After words appropriate to this event were uttered, a temporary cessation of fixed gear operations was declared until a suitable replacement serrated axle lock nut is obtained. The primary requirement of said replacement is: it shall not crack and fall off under normal maintenance operations. For the duration of the cease-fixed, normal shifty bicycle operations are in effect. And a special, personal career note out to fabricators of serrated axle nuts which crack and fall off during normal maintenance: seek other employment now. Get up. Go ride.



  1. Just couldn't handle all them kilowatts!

  2. I can't recall seeing a similar failure before. JRA, probing the outer reaches of bicycle mainenance!

  3. Well I have never seen that happen before.
    Must be great to have such powerful legs..!!

  4. Although the kilowatts / horsepower / foot-pounds surging out of my mighty legs may have contributed, I tend to think this was a cheap or faulty part.


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