Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Did Not Go Down And Get It

One more cast-off

I did not go down and get it. 
Occasionally, I will carry 50 feet of paracord, and could have used that to fish it out of the canal drying up for maintenance, but I was without paracord. If you tell yourself you won't need the paracord, you will need it.
Reuse, recycle, I did not.
Cleaned up, oiled, greased, freshened up, it could be ridden. Ride it I did not.
A garden hose, a can of spray paint, "clean bike cheap ride!", a Craigslist bargain: sell it I did not.
Painted blaze orange and stuffed with flowers: a front yard decoration. It was not to be.
Streamers, sparklers, flares and flashing lights, a celebration! Denied.
A cutting torch, a welding machine, a new contraption! Hack no.
Traced back to its owner, KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. This your bike? What the heck were you doing, throwing it into the canal? CSI I am not.
Ground up, melted down, liquified, poured into a sand mold for jewelry. No not molded, not jeweled, not made pretty.
Hack saw, cut into varying lengths, strung up with spokes and wires, a wind chime! Negative on the wind chime.
Painted white, a ghost bike, a memorial? Not done.
Just this: photograph on the blog, a few words below it. 
These: please don't throw bicycles into the water. Use them instead.
Sunshine. Open air. Quiet. The road. The path. The trail. Get up. Go ride.


  1. my current bike was rescued from a dumpster in denver. the boys at the bkie shop keep telling me to get a new one. they do not understand.

  2. It might still be there- you could go by with paracord.....:)

  3. Is that a pristine Brooks Saddle in the photo, in need only of a little cleaning and Proofide?

  4. Clowncar, I understand. Too well. I would jump into a muddy ditch for one!

    cycler, alas! The canal boffins have cleaned this, and refilled it, and my paracord would be for naught!

    Steve A it could be a Brooks saddle. I suspect its owner came up with a new conditioning idea: six months under water in the Arizona Canal. Will report back if I here any results of this approach.


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