Friday, February 11, 2011

ARTBRIDGE: warm and fuzzy, round and spinny

the round and spinny part

Every Thursday, or at least on many Thursdays since "every" would imply a thoroughness and longevity that I am not prepared to assert with confidence, there's a gathering of artisans on the Marshall Way bridge across the Arizona Canal in Scottsdale called "ARTBRIDGE Artisans' Market". I had paused to try to take a picture of the booth above with Gumby somehow in the foreground [his head and hand are just barely visible below the front wheel above] when Joe Cyclist rode through the picture and obliged my bicycle bloggy need for the day. All done, right? Hit PUBLISH POST and time for ice cream, right? Oh no, oh no, read on!

I wondered who some of the artists artisans are who ply their trade at these ARTBRIDGE Thursday nights, so I hit up a search engine, and one of the first results was something called Bewilderknits [great name btw]. So I clickied, and found three people devoted to yarn, knitting, and fiber, in a similar way that I am devoted to bicycles, tools, and bicycling. Their web site design and blog are very similar, and appeal to me. Check em out. But what really caught my eye was their info on Facebook, (and I quote): "Paying homage to the furry, bundled wild things in us all." What? These people are nuts about knitting, I tell you! "Bewilderknits is comprised of three Phoenix knitters and yarn spinners who aim to...create a warm space in the world by surrounding everyone with comfy, soft, usable pieces of art." That's awesome. Inspirational even. That's the warm and fuzzy part. You guys should knit something for the Soleri Bridge up the way. It looks like it could use some of that. 

I need to check them out some Thursday night on the ARTBRIDGE. I have some concern that I would end up riding away with a yarn-covered knitted bicycle, but I would go with the flow. I would get with the knit. I would whirl with the purl. Anyone who spins is OK by me. Get up. Go ride.



  1. A good friend of mine is a knitter and yes, she is definitely nutty about the craft. I, however, do admire the patience and skill it takes to create the works my friend produces.

    Your pic makes me yearn for warmer days. You're so lucky to be able to ride during these winter months.

  2. JK, knitting seems like such a wholesome pastime that I may have to take it up some day. OTOH, when there are dedicated+skilled people like Bewilderknits out there making such beautiful stuff, I may just get my wholesome pastimes vicariously, buying from them. And yes, the warmth here is epic: 79F and dry yesterday.


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