Tuesday, January 25, 2011

There's a Hex on the Torx Revolution!

The revolution is built with hex fasteners

I think I read in one of the free magazines that is sent to me for free because I am a target demographic or something that bicyclists should consider carrying Torx drivers because pretty soon, any day now, before you know it, bicycles will switch from hex to Torx fasteners for holding all the vital bits together. I believe it was either Ungodly Expensive Rides magazine, or perhaps 300g Frames Times. You know, the glossy magazine where $4000 is called a "mid-range" bike.

I saw the above tool at The Cheap Tool Store, picked it up, found it not only to be cheap, but light in weight, and decided it may prove to be good insurance for the coming bicycle fastener Torx revolution. Then, upon closer examination, I found that the Torx revolution hasn't made it to the tool factory yet.

I pretty confident that company that manufactured this tool is not a licensee of the actual Torx technology. This probably more accurately a star driver, a hexalobular internal driving feature, or even an ISO 10664 compliant driver. It's OK that it takes a hex driver to adjust it, though, since my bicycle multi-tool certainly has the right bit on it, and I apparently won't be needing it much longer. Once the revolution gets going, I mean. Get up. Go ride.



  1. Some of my bikes have hex fasteners. In "newspeak," they're referred to as "nuts."

  2. My main bicycle does not have any of those torx abominations. It has nuts and slotted machine screws in SAE sizes. No metrics. My home made seat setback has an Allen head also know as a hexagonal or socket. Why does it need three names?

  3. I hope Torx ends stay away. There are torx bolts on my discs on the winter bike... I've stripped some of them. I've never stripped anything with an allen wrench.

  4. hate those star bits. I built a pre-fab swingset a few years back, using the star screws/driver because that's what it came with. lost the bit, and am now unable to tighten the screws.

  5. Steve A, yes, hexagonal external driving features, I presume.

    Oldfool, for me, I can handle a bike or car that has EITHER SAE or metric. But some cars and bikes have both, and I can't abide that. But then, I think all garden hoses and low-power computer cables should have female connectors on both ends, too. Although I should mention that there's no SAE vs. metric for Torx, they are always just T-number sized.

    RANTWICK I hope they stay away, too, but the mighty bike magazine has spoken! They are inevitable, apparently.

    Clowncar, star screws on a swingset is just plain wrong. Unless it was a Bianchi swingset, I guess.


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