Friday, January 14, 2011

Surreal Juxtapositions In My Bike Lane

There's a lot going on here

For your consideration on Friday, scene from the bike lane, from the lower left, going counter-clockwise: a bronze sculpture called Passing the Legacy, a giant blue inflatable beer bottle, Christmas decorations, a very ornate decoration on a parking garage at a shopping mall, Camelback Mountain, native tree used for landscaping, the corner of the ceiling/roof over the bridge just downstream from the Soleri Bridge and Plaza, then, back around the bottom and in front of the beer bottle, a crowd barrier fence against...the canal barrier fence. The aftermath of the BCS Bowl party. There's also a football field-sized patch of turf they put down just behind the beer bottle, just for the party. I was going to mention the TV series Hoarders in conjunction with this photo, but now it reminds me more of The Twilight Zone. Or perhaps The Outer Limits. Check it out, that was some good TV.  I think the only things missing from this scene are Metal Elvis and a drug store. Man, do I need a long ride. The weekend: it is your oyster. Get up. Go ride.


  1. That giant Budlight would be pretty cool to take to the beach.
    As long as it didn't like blow away.
    You could tow it with a boat.
    Or something.

  2. I want to find a way to live (or at least sleep a few nights) in that bottle.

  3. Wow. Visual overload but very cool to just stand back and take in.

  4. limom and RANTWICK, if I may, I appreciate the ideas of beach toy by day, sleeping quarters by night. I can see it!

    JK, the zen fountain is nearby, and not possible for me to include in the shot, but I'm sure it's sitting there just wondering when it's all going to end and the birds can splash around in peace.


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