Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Salt Bike

A salt bike. Or, a perch for a happy little bird.

The annual dry-up is underway, when Salt River Project drains parts of the canals and removes everything that is not water or canal. Actually, they remove the water, too, temporarily, but they put it back, and I believe that the scope of the sentence covers the intent or purpose of the dry-up, so if I had said that they removed the water, too, then anyone looking at the canal after the dry-up would see it full of water and be within their rights to state that I was in error.

This canal carries water from the Salt River, named at least in part because it is salty, due to salt springs flowing into it. I assume this bicycle was here for only a year, since the last dry-up, so the white encrustation on this bicycle, similar to that on the vacuum cleaner I posted  a photo of last year, illustrates why the river got that name. This abandoned BSO was so encrusted I didn't even recognize what it was, until the little bird perched on the pedal caught my eye. I saw also people walking in the slightly damp canal looking for stuff, I guess. Pickers. Really, though, all I saw in addition to this bike were shopping carts and patio chairs. The canal seems to attract those. I ponder the scenario: "Hey dude, let's throw this cart into the canal, you grab that patio chair, that would be pretty awesome!!" Would it? Was it? Seeing those rusted and encrusted (love that word, yeah), hunks of junk down there in the smelly brine doesn't seem that awesome. Ah well. Perhaps in their submerged structures the amur catfish find refuge, or even shade, from the punishing sun of summer. The cycle of water, salt, and junk. Get up. Go ride.

Bird decided to seek a new cycle


  1. Unfortunately we have that same problem of people tossing shopping carts, etc., into rivers too. The grocery stores have started to outfit their carts with a lock that will clamp on if rolled outside of the parking lot perimeter. Course, that doesn't stop anyone from throwing everything else into the rivers.

  2. I don't know what possesses folks to throw stuff in rivers!
    Maybe they are doing a "will it float?" thing.
    Last week, I saw a TV in the canal near work.

  3. Saw another bike in the canal today, don't know if the pix came out or not. Lots more carts, too. Those cart locks are a good feature if they cut down on the number of carts that get thrown into the water.


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