Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mirror Hax

Rotary tool used to put zip-tie sized holes into the back of a small adjustable mirror

Zip ties through back of mirror. They will flatten out when I tighten them.

Mirror in place at corner of trekking bars.

View in mirror, showing hand clearance

As soon as I saw this $1.99 adjustable wide-angle mirror, I imagined this hack. It is mounted on a pivot, so is adjustable somewhat, within the limits of the case. So I mounted it loosely and went for a road test, then tightened it once I found the central location. With a wide angle, it is only informative, not definitive, since Objects in Mirror are Closer Than They Appear, as we have all learned, which means I'll probably still glance over my left shoulder to confirm, but I feel this may be able to augment visibility in a blind spot. This hack is possible on the trekking bars because this section curves just the way I needed it to mount a mirror, and I don't typically use this area for a handhold, either. From a visibility perspective, a helmet mirror is probably superior, but in my commute routine, my helmet gets banged around some after I take it off, and I don't want to mess with that very much. I'll see if this placement actually works in practice at all. Only one way to do that, though. Get up. Go ride.


  1. Since mirrors are never more than informative, this seems like a very sensible application. I hope to hear how this turned out. It looks like it might work for drop bars as well, with a bit of fiddling.

  2. That's a great hack- Most mirrors are on stalks and get beat up pretty bad, this one is low profile enough that it would miss most of that abuse!

  3. Hey everybody, I tried this mirror out more today. It works particularly well when cars have their headlights on--in the wide-angle, they look like beady little eyes bearing down on me from behind. In the daylight, so far, I haven't developed the skill of separating the cars from the background in the mirror yet until they are pretty close. My sense of hearing is still more effective. However, I imagine when it's noisier, or busier, this mirror will help more than on a quiet Sunday afternoon ride.


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