Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lights On Locked Up

Have you seen this before? It was a first for me. A bicycle locked up at the rack, with both the front and rear lights blinking away. Surely they noticed the lights blinking while they were locking it up? In a hurry maybe? Or a new super duper type of battery that lasts so long you don't have to turn the lights off?

Then I was wondering: should I turn them off? What if it wasn't the owner of the bike who turned them on, what if they are the "I leave my removable lights on my bike when I park it" type, and someone passing by thought it would be funny to turn them on, and were hanging out nearby to watch the reaction? I don't know.

I guess it's one more way a bicycle is better than a car, though: if you leave your car's lights on, it may not start at the end of the day. The bicycle motor, on the other hand, doesn't need a battery to get going. Just a hunk of dark chocolate, or a cup of strong coffee. Oh, and some excellent weekend bicycle riding ahead also helps. Get up. Go ride.



  1. If they weren't blinking, I'd say they were just generator stand lights.

    I get a LOT of people telling me that my lights are on- when actually it's just the capacitor still running them after I've stopped.

  2. When I leave work I sometimes find blinking lights left on by others whom I presume, are in such a hurry to get into work they forget to turn them off. Its a secured area, I don't need to really worry about anyone stealing them, but I always turn them off as I don't want them to use all their juice before the trek home. I always pause first though, before doing it - I don't like touching other peoples bikes! But then I think "this is what I want them to do for me".

  3. I find that the rear light on my bike uses so little juice that I often simply leave it on when I am only parking for a moment -- to run into the store or something like that. It's just too much trouble to get to the switch. The front light does get turned off. It's much easier to operate, and the fact it uses up batteries so much more quickly encourages me to minimize the time it's left on.

    Of course, I never use blinking mode on the front light. The reflected blinking in front of me drives me insane.

  4. BruceH thanks for stopping by the blog. I am in complete agreement about my front light in blinkie mode, at least when I am using the Knog, which is kind of translucent, and blinds me with its flashy backscatter.


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