Thursday, January 6, 2011

ESPN In My Bike Lane

What's that up ahead? ESPN Sports Center? IMBL?

With the BCS Championship game coming up, ESPN Sports Center set up shop this week on the Scottsdale Waterfront. I guess they weren't completely IMBL, more like right next to the bike lane, but the net result was that I rode my bicycle on ESPN. That's right, rode straight through the shot. Except I don't think they were on-air when I rode through. Dangit! I was thinking sponsorship, fame, fortune, ardent fans, the whole nine yards. Just missed it.

That coulda been me commuting on my bicycle up on the Big Screen. Instead it's just some football guy.

Fans of this blog wear white

That is all, no real impact to my commute, just cool to see the lights, cameras, and people hanging around. Today they did have that boom camera hanging right across the path, but I adroitly rode right around it. I will probably watch the game just to see the Ducks whup up on the Tigers. QUACK! QUACK! Get up. Go ride.


  1. I'm conflicted for this one. I don't particularly like the Ducks. Admittedly, they're preferable to WSU, but not by a whole lot. I like the notion of Auburn winning and then the whole story about their player purchases comes out and the world embraces TCU (Go Frogs!).

    On the other hand, if you cut me, Pac 10 blood comes out. I even rooted for UCLA when they played Illinois in the Rose Bowl. I can't believe I actually rooted for those scummy Bruins once. I know that whatever I say, by the time the kickoff is made, I'll be quacking right along with you.

  2. Ducks, such an odd name for a football team.
    Mallards perhaps, but not plain ole ducks!
    If it was me there on the path, I would have been poking around looking for some ESPN schwag!

  3. Steve, we should put up a video on youtube of us quacking at the tv together. The mind reels.

    limomorama, I wonder if the other teams there are the Lady Ducks? I didn't see schwag available, just lots of highly expensive team branded gear, and beer beer beer. Beer and gear.


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