Friday, January 7, 2011

Boxes of Grapefruit IMBL

Boxes of Grapefruit In My Bike Lane (there's room to get by, though)

The pickers come and fill up these washing machine-sized boxes, which they leave on palettes at the curb, until the trucks come and get them and haul them off to I don't know where. These yellow globes smell great, they taste good, and they look nice in a bright, sunny way in January, more or less a perfect combination to my way of looking at things in the bike lane. Last Valentine's Day I wrote "The fragrance of newly picked citrus is exquisite and ephemeral, exceeded only by the scent of citrus blossoms in the spring as you fly down a bike lane at night." I think I'll just stick with that. Get up. Go ride.



  1. I like your pic! I've been confronted by a few things on a bike lane before, but never box upon box of grapefruit - thats a nice twist from the usual car or truck.

  2. Whenever I go to AZ or CA this time of year, I'm struck by the decadence of having citrus fruit just hanging off every tree on the side of the road!

    When I was a kid in Houston, we'd go to the wholesale produce market in December to pick up a crate of grapefruit before making the Christmas trek up to our midwestern families.

    The Scientist and I were almost seduced by backyard citrus into moving west to Berkeley. Our host during a recruiting dinner casually strolled out to the yard to harvest lemons in February. New England has many charms, but that is not one!

  3. PaddyAnne, yes, and how many bike lane obstructions are delicious / edible?

    cycler! Since I am kind of from the midwest, the idea of fruit, particularly citrus, hanging on trees all over the place in January IS decadent, and great, and after many years of living here, it still seems odd and wonderful to me. But also the same with blueberries we picked in Iowa this summer, and apples we picked in New Jersey this fall. Now, if I can just find something, somewhere to pick in the Spring...

  4. Wow, this shot seems really surreal, somehow. I think I, too, would rather encounter grapefruits in my bike lane ... though right now our weather wouldn't really be grapefruit-friendly :(

  5. Kokoro, I luv some surreal grapefruit once in a while.


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