Friday, December 17, 2010

Abstract on Concrete

The panels are cool, and wet, indicating cool, wet weather. When it snows, they turn white.

My wife txted me late afternoon: "Need me 2 pick U up?"

How do you scoff macho-ly at a notion via text? A pick-up due to a bit of rain? Give in to a mere drizzle, collapse in the face of a light shower? I've had sneezes wetter than this! I have a jacket which seldom gets used. I have lights (several, redundant, with extra batteries, just in case). I mounted fenders so that I could blast through puddles without undue fear of splashes. There will be no need of a pickup today. Ride I shall.

"It's pooling in the streets. Be careful out there," she responded.

The silt cast panels at the SBP soaked up water in an interesting way. 

Abstract on concrete.

The silt cast calls for rain. 

A cool, yet refreshing, December rain in the desert which just nudged us over our yearly average 8". The only thing I don't like about the rain is that it makes my knees hurt. Now, there may be no actual basis or reason for that, but I'm telling you: when it rains, my knees hurt. 

Therefore, what you're looking at in these photos is a record of knee pain. Spreading inexorably. Sneaking up to surprise me when I bend to pick something up. Fortunately, there seems to be no impact to pedaling a bicycle. It rains just infrequently enough here that I don't always make the correlation right away. Oh, my knees hurt. Hey, a txt from the missus, what? A pick-up? Why, it's raining? No, not necessary, there's not three feet of water running down the road, 80 mph winds, a blinding haboob, or anything. Man, that knee hurts when I bend...OH YEAH. Shoulda known.

I did blast through the pooled water in the streets. The fenders fended off the spray. I arrived home in an unchanged unified whole. OK, technically, respiration, perspiration, metabolism and whatnot changed me on the way home, and my neurons certainly altered as I fired up the subconscious to write this post. Like the river, you can never enter the same ride twice, and the person who set foot into the water is not the same person who leaves. But it is written in the stones: my knees still hurt, so I expect more rain tonight. Which is fine by me, because it makes the flowers grow, and because there's no use in worrying about the weather. 

Panels made of dust. Like us. Get up. Go ride.

Bones connected by pain flows.


  1. Those are nice panels. I like to ride in a bit of rain, as long as its not driven by wind. Rain adds a new dimension to the ride.

  2. Your last few posts have been especially well written, even by your already high standards. These concrete panels are beautiful to begin with, but the way they are affected by the weather is even more interesting than the paintings themself.

  3. I was wondering what those panels were made of and whether they were sand cast or something.
    The deck surrounding them sure looks slippery!
    Oh, and we need the requisite night shot, for effect don't you know.
    About the knees, well you got your own personal baromenter.
    Or something.

  4. PaddyAnne, I'm still processing these panels. Maybe a few more times seeing them in the rain will settle them in my psyche.

    Apertome, thanks man, and agreed, the way they interact with the weather and their environment adds dimension.

    limom, the deck seemed not-slippery when wet, maybe red reads as slippery? Is it barometric pressure that zaps my knees? Are you saying I need a portable pressure vessel around each knee to avoid the pain?

    BluesCat, yes SNOW. SBP would look awesome buried in the white stuff.


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