Saturday, November 27, 2010

We Stop for School Buses

Full stop required, track stand is optional

There's no question in my mind that cyclists should come to a complete stop in this situation, until the bus driver pulls in the placards, and indicates it's safe to proceed. These three all agreed. And threw in a little track stand demonstration. Check rider #2's position between the first and second pictures. Like a rock. 

She crossed, and said something about getting an artful shot.
No mam', I'm just inspired by civility and law-abiding cylists.
And stopping without putting your feet down.

And we're off

It's great when everyone just knows what to do, and it all works smoothly. There were no problems, no dangers, no surprises, no raised voices, no gestures of anger. No follow-up blog posts cursing particular machines or their operators. Just another moment of harmonious sharing of the streets. Get up. Go ride.


  1. Oh- if it could always be like that!

  2. Hmm. Having a cyclocross bike, I tend to stop, throw the bike over my shoulder, and then proceed as a pedestrian until past the bus. If it looks like it'll be a while.

    People generally get a smile out of that.

  3. I've been practicing the track stand and finally pulled it off at a stop sign recently. With a bus, I'd probably end up falling over, which would give the kids something to laugh at. It's nice to see cyclists practicing good sense.


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