Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving, Arizona

Mid-60s, shorts, a light shirt, a warm breeze and an open path for contemplating my gratitude inventory

This American holiday has always been family time for us. So, we took a short ride to get some last-minute grocery items. A small thing, normal, quiet, unexciting. I'm infinitely thankful for it, though. Got to go. My wife has a spoon with fresh-whipped mash potatoes on it, and the kids are running toward the kitchen to get there first. Thanks, life, for this. Get up. Go ride.

We cross

Family bikes


  1. Did you win?
    The mashatato race I mean.

  2. I won that round. But there are still plenty of leftover taters to go around, for the next day or two. Turkey, anyone? Anyone?


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