Saturday, November 6, 2010


SIC VITA DUM FUGIT STARE VIDETUR: Thus life flies while it seems to stand still

SICUT PISCES CAPIANTUR HORAE. Like fishes let the hours be caught.

They are coming along with work on the Soleri Bridge and Plaza project in Scottsdale, but are not complete in time for the originally scheduled OSG photo shoot, which I also mentioned on a more recent post, and several times in between. Oh, the shiny optimism of a bright May day, when everything seemed possible, and all was right with the world as new art was just coming into being! Well, based on the sign above, as well as peeking at how much they still have left to do, the photo shoot will be delayed at least another month.

The quotes in the title and captions for the photos come from The Book of Sun-Dials originally compiled by the late Mrs. Alfred Gatty now enlarged and re-edited by H.K.F. Eden and Eleanor Lloyd, a book so thorough, delightful, and rich that it's not possible to summarize it adequately in a few sentences. Mrs. Gatty traveled extensively and examined sundials, collecting mottos she found on them, and putting them into a kind of exhaustive global, linguistic, cultural, and historical sundial context. Perhaps something to read while waiting for a bridge to be finished.

I don't know if there's going to be a motto on the Soleri Bridge somewhere. You know I'll hunt for one, and if found, post a photo, once they are done working on it. If I could propose one, I think I would choose SINE SOLE SILEO: Without the sun I keep silence.

Get up. Go ride.


  1. How wonderfully they gleam
    in the morning light.
    When finally done
    they'll be a beautiful sight!
    Wait! They're not straight
    Could this be right?
    Are they hollow or solid?
    Is there something inside?
    Fences surround
    What is there to hide?
    We shall soon find out
    Get up, Go ride!

  2. angle of pylons
    grabs sunbeams at noon to show:
    solstice, equinox


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