Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Riding the Ever Traps

--flights of imagination in Utahzona, standing on the edge, looking down, two of us:

Why would we ride down there?
Because no one else does.
How do we get down there?
Learn to belay.
How do we get the bikes down there?
Bikes: on belay!
Dad: some would question the wisdom of lowering an 11 year-old and her bike down there.
Yes, the sheeple sitting on their couches absorbing their newsertainment will not approve.
    And children in Pumpkinville now-a-bed
    Shall think themselves accurs'd they were not here,
    And hold their childhoods cheap whiles any speaks
    That belayed with us upon Saint Abbey's day.
When they watch the news item, they will say, "She was just a kid."
Yes, a big kid. Taller than her mom. Ready for whatever the outdoors may bring.
Not ready for the ever traps though.
The sand? We ride lower air pressure and fatter tires.
I do not like riding the ever traps.
I know that.
You remember what happened the last time.
That was then. It didn't look like rain at all.
Thus the name.
Ever traps.
Yes. But we made it out.
Anyway, look at the sky. No rain today.
This canyon is deeper than the last one.
Yes, that was just a practice canyon.
We almost got lost at practice. And narrower.
You want to ride down rather than belay?
That would not be a good idea.
Weight back. Stay loose. Flex your elbows. Ride it out.
Use your knees. Maintain your momentum. I think I see a good line over there.
Drop your seat down and put your chest on it.
Pop your chute if needed.
I do not have a chute. Let's rope down.
You have your water?
Three day emergency wilderness survival and zombie thwarting kit?
Last-ditch, if I'm gonna go, at least I'll have dark chocolate supplies?
You up for this?
On belay?


Get up. Go ride.


  1. There's some cactus down there. With ripe fruit. Let's go and get some.

  2. You tempt me.
    More than you know.


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