Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Push Button Horse Crossing for Chill Beasts

Neigh, neigh, winny, snort, neigh (push button and wait for walk signal)

That button mounted high up on the pole is for people on horseback who wish to activate the signal to cross Scottsdale Road. Or, kids up on dad's shoulders getting horseyback rides. I'm not sure that it's a requirement to have a rider--a smart horse, or a pack horse accustomed to walking the same trail every day, could probably nudge it with his muzzle, or pole.  Perhaps one carrying organic produce from local sustainable city gardens to supply the Food Court at the mall. Neigh.

Tall people could also press it. Or bicyclists. OTOH a bicyclist signal would be in between those two in height, I think. If your corner crosswalk button count reaches three (3), you may want to consider crosswalk button anti-proliferation treaties, and go with a PED VIVDS, satellite based crosswalk detection. Drones. Blimps. Crossing guards. Neigh.

It's just about the right height for a magic carpet pilot. There used to be a store just down the street from here rumored to sell those.

It's a busy intersection, lots of traffic, a mall right across the street, lots of pedestrians. I guess it would take a particularly calm, well-mannered animal to cross here with the signal. That would have to be one chill beast. That's not a phrase I get to use often. But think about it: all that power, the quivering muscle, the pent-up speed, waiting for the walk signal. Neigh. Winny. Scuff of hoof on brick.

Not only chill, but optimistic. By any stretch, this would be near the end of a horse's mosey down the Sun Circle Trail. The next crossing is the Goldwater Tunnel, and it's closed again for some reason. Unless they are Sun Circling early on a Sunday morning, which is a pleasant time to mosey through these parts, it's all mid-street, non-marked, traffic-heavy crossings to the west of here for several miles. Neigh. Neigh.

I always dismount my bicycle when I meet a horse. Always. What an odd gesture that would be if the encounter happened on this corner, though, with traffic roaring by. What confusion amongst the automobile drivers. What a disconcerting glimpse of the world 50 years from now when the last drops of oil dribble down the pipeline from Athabasca.

There are mounted police in Scottsdale. Perhaps I will see a pair of them crossing here one day. Since the first time I saw a mounted policeman in New York, I've had a sense of awe and respect for them. Which is supposed to be, I guess. I always dismount for them, too. Neigh.

I'm sure the politics behind installing a horse crossing at Scottsdale Road and Camelback was labyrinthine, complex, and lengthy. Still, I wish to focus on the net result: horses also welcome here. Chill beasts crossing. Neigh. Winny. Scuff of hoof on brick.

Get up. Go ride.

Neigh? Winny? Snort? WTF?



  1. Wouldn't it be cool if the crossing light had a horse in it too?
    By the way, do urban horses have those rubber shoes?
    Nikes perhaps?

  2. Perhaps the trail was closed because they hadn't cleaned up the horse poop yet.

  3. limom yes, even cooler if it auto-detected the types of things crossing, and flashed appropriate indicators. I am unfamiliar with urban horse footware currently, but will investigate for you.

    Steve, perhaps. Heck, I'll do it if it would get the tunnel re-opened. A little mucking is good for the soul.


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