Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ninja Sniper Gloves

They looked good for cycling, so I got them

Ninja sniper gloves. They're black, they convert from gloves to mittens by unhooking and flipping over the mitten-top, they have windstopper fleece, they have handy loops to hook your fingers through to remove them, and cords to tighten around the base. I do need gloves once in a while for winter commutes in Phoenix, and these looked like they would work. And when I searched for "ninja sniper gloves" no hits were returned, so I felt compelled to go with that title. Even though I am not claiming to possess any of the characteristics of either a ninja or a sniper while riding my bicycle to/from work. Except for toasty fingers. Oh, and the ability to balance for hours on end on thin pieces of rubber approximately 23mm wide while moving silently at high speed in almost any weather, day or night. Under my own power. For long distances. Get up. Go ride.



  1. Ninja Sniper Gloves - exactly what I need. My fingers were frozen on this mornings training ride but I was only wearing ordinary gloves not 'Ninja' gloves.

  2. They're black and nasty lookin.
    I like em.

  3. In a similar vein - shooting gloves. Cabela's has them
    in camo.

  4. Trevor these Ninja gloves are by Rothco, and appear to be very available in the UK, too. limom I'd ask what size you wear and give them to you for xmas but I can't imagine what you would need them for in Hawaii. Steve having grown up in a midwestern household with "Field and Stream", "Sports Afield", and about seven fishing magazines as our family's approved casual reading material, the idea of Cabela's appeals to me, but I never end up buying anything probably because I spend most of my discretionary income on Critical Bicycle Items (CBI).


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