Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Birthday to Blog

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One year ago I started this blog with a post titled Get up. Go ride. which arose from an encounter I had with a great-horned owl which flew very close to me while I was riding my bicycle along the canal at night. The wing beats of the owl, the moon reflecting on the water, the panicked sound of the rabbit's feet sprinting through the gravel alongside me for a few moments, those sensations come back to me intensely as I type this.

I'm surprised at how often I have posted here for the last year. Sure, one reason is that I like to remind myself later of experiences like the owl. But it turns out I also value and appreciate the thoughtful people who sometimes stop by here for a moment to look at my pictures, read a few of my scattered thoughts, follow this blog, or post a comment or two.

I'm also pleasantly surprised by how much I have learned from reading what others have written here and on their own blogs, some like-minded, some UNlike-minded, yet often interesting as alternate points of view about subjects which intrigue me. 

This online social networking, this Internet blogging, is a tenuous connection to other people, of a type that is something I think I'm still figuring out. It's no substitute for spending time with someone face to face, or for going out for a ride on my bicycle, but on the other hand, it has certainly put me into contact with people whom I would have never met any other way.

And in some ways it is totally nuts. The number of people that click on my blog in a list of search results for "gabion bike blog" and all things gabion blows my mind. I laugh and I don't understand it. I wanted to blog about bicycles, and I do, but people also come by here to look at my pictures of steel boxes of rocks. Awesome.

Riding a bicycle every day has become almost a form of meditation for me. While also being so much fun that it's becoming harder for me to understand why more people don't do it. While also being a way to meet new people. While also taking me new places where I find things to take pictures of. And quite often, and probably most importantly, riding has become a venue for leveling my head and giving free rein to thought. I end up putting a few of those thoughts down here, but most of them go elsewhere. To more serious ends, I guess you would call them.

So we're having a little party here at One Speed: Go! today. You are all invited. Bring your bicycles. We've got a serious ride ahead of us. Hills, paths, trails, roads, hot and cold, down quiet breezy lanes and up roaring six lane city streets, past cactii and up volcanoes, wind, rain, blasting hot sunshine. Let's just go for a spin down the happy path, and have a good time. I'll bring the tools and the spare tubes. The rest of you bring what you can, food, beverages, song/dance, and wear whatever the hell you want. Just do one thing for me. Get up. Go ride.



  1. I'm there, baby! See you on the happy path. Congrats on the Birthday! Lots of blogs fizzle out (I know mine almost did) in the first year... I'm glad you are keeping at it and enjoying it. You've got a nice slant on things that I like.

  2. Happy BDay! I agree, Blog-dom is a weird but wonderful world!! I raise my coffee cup as a toast, and salute you. Congratulations and enjoy your day!

  3. Great post and I love the simplicity and wisdom of your blog. I will be out there riding today (not far, not fast, but pedalling).

    Are you going to GABA next weekend? I am. Let's meet up and shake hands. It'd be cool for me to meet my first blogger in real-life.

    If the schedule works for you, please contact me at

  4. Sounds good to me, sadly I'm stuck at work, but when it's time to go home I will Get up. Go ride! In your honor. I do so every day, and I have to get home anyway, but this one is in your honor.

  5. RANTWICK I'll shoot for more sizzle and no fizzle here on OSG.

    Big Clyde, I'll email you!

    PaddyAnne, toast back atcha!

    Apertome that must be the first time a ride was in my honor. Thanks.

  6. Congratulations!
    One Speed: Go! makes Bloggerland a much better place.

  7. Congratulations! You've got a great blog, despite the fact that you make me feel like a wimp when I complain about the Texas heat. Now, on to year two.

  8. CONGRATS!! +happy blog bday
    great post +points of view, thanks for sharing what you share with us all :D

  9. Thanks m e l i and Rat Trap Press, two more awesome bloggers who I am very glad to have become acquainted with through this two-wheeled highly caffeinated virtual enterprise.


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