Monday, October 25, 2010

Tour de Tempe 2010: Happiness in Numbers

Tempe mayor Hugh Hallman announcing the start of the ride

Great art by Casebeer on the free T-shirts they handed out at the ride

Uh, Mom? I mean, Dad? I can't see around, your, um...Hello? This is not a nice view.

"Fat Sally" is riding a Batavus Personal Bike--sweet ride!

Sunday morning, I rode in the Tour de Tempe 2010 community ride. Free t-shirt, free coffee, free snacks, free energy drinks, perfect weather, lots of cool cyclists, I'm in! It was not a fast ride, just a casual 12 mile toodle around Tempe, part of the way on a newly paved canal path. 

Although I had some misgivings about riding in a crowd like that, it turned out to be no problem, since everyone seemed careful, and after the start, we spread out, and cruising along at a comfortable pace sorted us out into groups of similar speed.

This was the 15th annual TDT, but the first one that I have done. Lots of people were wearing TDT t-shirts from several years back. I'd do it again. Particularly if they continue to have free coffee, and give away t-shirts with excellent bicycle-related art on them. 

Thanks for the ride, Tempe! It brought a smile to my face. It was great to see so many other people out there riding together. Get up. Go ride.



  1. Free t-shirts, that's awesome! It's great to see elected leaders out on the road.

  2. RTP, it was great to see the mayor out there, and I approve of his t-shirt and casual shorts attire for a short, casual ride along the canal on a bright, warm day. The people all lycrad up may have been overdressed. Unless they road 20 miles to get to the ride. Which many of them did. And which I probably should have. Except I didn't feel like getting all lycrad up that day.

  3. I wish I'd been there. It looks so fun and just my style.


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