Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hazards of the Bike Path Episode 22

Ripping up the path at high speed in the big ring, wait, what's that ahead?? FEEDERS

No worries in the water fowl safety dept. though: these are the relatives of Duck Dawkins, helmeted for safety.
They're being fed by a pair of humans obviously seeking to pad their karmic accounts
by ameliorating the life conditions of crested ducks, as advocated by  the FALCCD.
When they are wide like this, with a yellow line down the middle, not too crowded, and peppered with scenes of beauty and wonder, I like the multi-use paths immensely. If they were crowded with cyclists, joggers, runners, strollers, and rollerbladers, I would feel differently, and choose to ride other routes, but when they are basically wide open, I prefer them to streets with cars. 

Not for commuting, or at least not when I have to go fast for some reason, but for a leisurely spin, they have much to offer. And although I see the planners making slow progress, many of the best paths seem to go from nowhere to nowhere. Which is OK if you have nowhere to go at no particular time, not so good if you need to be somewhere at certain time, though. Where you're going, related to how you travel, and how you feel about that trip. By bike, down an easy MUP, with people feeding crested ducks, was exactly where I was going, how I traveled, and how I felt about the trip. Get up. Go ride.

Ever feel like this? Who brought the picnic basket? Let's watch clouds.


  1. Hey! ..that bridge looks sorta low for a cyclist! can riders put one of those helmeted ducks on their heads for extra protection when riding under low branches, bridges and the like? only fooling, nice looking trails!

  2. I like ducks!
    I think they're cool.
    Well, except for the duck poop.
    A concern when you have no fenders.

  3. pedaltalk Hi there! I'm not sure if the duck itself would be a feasible helmet augmentation, but duck FEATHERS would be fantastic: feathers are remarkably protective and tough.

    limom me too! I think fenders made of feathers would be excellent protection for water fowl waste products of all kinds.

  4. Clouds. Yeah. I feel like that right now.


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