Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Aluminum Horsemen of the Deluge Would Not Perform for Me Tonight

Horse suffering from dry mouth

Phoenix and the surrounding cities got stormed on today, some areas receiving 2 inches of rain, with wind, hail, lightning, all that. I kept checking the online water level transducer to see what the flow rate was at Indian Bend Wash where the Water Mark horse statues reside, and when it hit 180 cfs I got on my bike to go for a ride in a thunderstorm with winds and lighting to see water coming out of the mouths of giant aluminum horses. My family thought I was (am) crazy, but I wanted to see them in action. Until I do, after my first post about these horses, I won't feel like I have closure.

Lightning. No mouth water, though

On the ride over, I was filled with anticipation. When I rode by the Indian Bend Wash overpass at Indian School Road, the water was roaring under it, and I felt certain I would see the horses expelling water tonight. A little farther north along the wash, at a street called Starlight Way, I took the video below, which really made me think tonight was the night. There's a street under there! Don't try to cross it though, will give you a stupid motorist ticket if you get stuck in the middle. Section 28-910 of the Arizona Revised Statutes says that if you drive around barricades to try to cross a flooded roadway and get stuck, you are liable for the costs of your rescue. Good law.

Although I was disappointed in the horses' non-performance even after a frog-strangler/ gully- washer like we had tonight, the ride over there was magnificent because the summer has run from the desert as it usually does at the turn of the season--on Friday it was 106F, this weekend was still pretty hot, then yesterday and today the storms came. As I type this it's 66F and beautiful outside. We may get more rain on Wednesday. For water to come out of the horses' mouths, it seems like it would have to flow over the top of the flood control structure they sit on. I wonder how many cfs what would be. With this perfect riding weather, it looks like I will just have to keep riding back there to find out. Get up. Go ride.


  1. Holy cloudbursts Batman! it does rain in the desert!
    Boo! on the spouting equines! What a bunch of posers!

  2. 66F. Do you have your mittens and balaclava out?

  3. yes limom, posers! Giant, aluminum, horse-shaped posers, but posers nontheless.

    Steve I installed a plug-in block heater on my commuter bike for this weather. Brrrr! Time for snow tires.

  4. Cool video. I bet your local fire department does a bunch of water rescues on days like that. The reimbursement requirement makes sense.


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