Sunday, September 26, 2010

What's time to a pig

A city person riding his bike through the countryside sees a farmer holding a pig up to a tree. 

When he gets closer, it looks like the farmer is holding the pig so that it can reach an apple in order to eat it.

Excuse me, he says, but that seems incredibly inefficient. Wouldn't it save time to knock the apples onto the ground and let the pig eat them down there?

Sure, said the farmer, but what's time to a pig?

Get up. Go ride.


  1. Digging the B&W!
    In that first image, you sort of look like part of a sundial.
    The third image sort of haunts.
    Reminds me of nuclear shadows, Yves Klein and all that sort of thing.

  2. JRA knows what time it is. Except when everyone else goes forward or moves back, since AZ doesn't, so it tends to get confusing for a day or two, timezone wise. Those strips of tire tread are called "alligators" by some motorcyclists, btw, because if you run over them, or get one launched at you from a vehicle in front, they jump up and bite.


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