Thursday, September 30, 2010

Twice Pipes for the Rumbling Dry Heart of Desert, Earth, and Sky

Installation of one of the taller pylons at the Soleri Bridge and Plaza Project in Scottsdale

Scorpion trumpets on the left, Gila Monster bugles on the right

Pylon squared + 1/2 ground squared = crane squared COS (doors) ARCTAN (sound of bells)

"You think we're going to finish by 11/6 in time for the OSG photo shoot?"

Crane operators with a frightening instinct for visual balance

One more to go

Morning sounds: dripping water
the wing beats of birds
morning car commuters catching their breath as they glance up and blast by
me standing on a bridge with my bicycle, looking down the water listening to my own breathing.

Construction approaching 90% complete (est). Drop in one more pylon, string some wires, trim and tidy, done. My next post on this project will be on 11/06/2010.

Get up. Go ride.


  1. Oh yeah baby!
    Here we go!
    I can hardly wait for the next-
    November 6th?
    No, no, no, no, no.

  2. I know, I know, but I was starting to get concerned that my obsession with a pedestrian bridge across a canal was getting out of hand. I would ask that if anyone discovers me fixed in one place in the back parking lot of Kyoto Japanese restaurant staring at those shiny pillars between now and then, please give my bike a gentle shove and encourage me to explore other things.

  3. Well, it's just possible that some of us share your obsession.
    In a good way.
    I think.


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