Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mingus Mountain: A Mingfling of One's Own

Right after launch, from the AHGA (or is it AZHPA ) Mingus Launch area. Elevation 7810 feet. Great area to mountain bike, too.

Took Bip for a ride (or the other way around, I'm never sure) along the forest roads and trails up at the top of Mingus Mountain in central Arizona this weekend. After riding up a long, sometimes steep series of forest roads, I arrived at the camping area of the Arizona Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association Mingfling 2010 event. The pictures and video I took, I just learned, are of "Big Jim," which I discovered from watching a video on the AZHPA site: Big Jim's Mingus Launch. It happened so quickly, and he was so smooth about it, that I didn't realize the launch was that hairy until I watched that video in slow motion. I could hear the people around me talking about how unpredictable the winds were, pointing at the tell-tales and windsocks and shaking their heads. It seems like soon after this, most of the people who were camping up there packed up and left.

While the weather may not have favored paragliding on Sunday, it was perfect for riding an older steel mountain bike along forest roads and trails. I have more photos to post over the next couple of days, as you might imagine. And, while riding upwards to 7800 feet is not my favorite thing, every moment I spent riding the other way, more than once, was pure fun. Get up. Go ride. 

Light as a summer breeze

Coming About

"Beware of rotors" reminds me of the best advise anyone ever gave me: AVOID SPIKES


  1. you rode this trail? mingus mnt trail How long did it take? Which bike did you use? How fast did you get going?

  2. FraSiec no I don't think I rode that trail, at least not on purpose during the stretches of time that I had some idea where I was. I don't use a speed/distance measuring gadget currently, but I can tell you I went pretty slow on the uphill parts, and pretty fast going the other way. My main stats were: just rode around most of the day, ate three hot dogs and more potato salad than I care to admit, wished I had seen more wind riders take off from the launch area.

  3. Wow...that looks so peaceful. But I wonder if it feels terrifying for the guy in the air.

  4. Big Clyde I think Big Jim must have big brass ones. He looked cool as a cucumber up there. Some of us find odd things relaxing!

  5. Rotors?
    That's pretty crazy!
    Looks like it was a nice ride.

  6. limom standing there reading the sign at first I thought of helicopters, or props. Then I figured out that rotors are rotating columns of air that apparently are risky if you want to ride the wind.


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