Thursday, September 16, 2010

I See Small Things Like These

Moth on my door as I departed for my bicycle commute.

Yes I would like some please

Late Summer Flowers having One Final Fling on the Mountain

Be on the lookout. I have a good track record.

I see small things like these on my daily commute. By riding slower than a car, primarily along neighborhood streets with houses and people rather than through concrete canyons at breakneck speeds inside a closed metal box, I see small things like these. By being in the free, open air, soaking in the sunshine and permitting my skin to naturally generate more than my daily requirement of vitamin D, I see small things like these along the way.

Sometimes, as with the tortoise sign, and the lemonade stand sign, I paused and thought about the stories behind them, the parts that you can conclude with some confidence from the evidence presented, the parts that you might guess at, and the secrets that surely lurk somewhere beneath, but that you'll never know. A tortoise is an unreliable narrator, that much I know. One who tells very sloooooow stories, but full of wisdom. Or at least, tortoise wisdom. Which sounds pretty wise. More wise than driving a dumb old car to work, anyway. Get up. Go ride.


  1. Love the tortoise sign! And I so agree--I see way more on my bike commute than I ever would in a car. Thanks for sharing the pics. They're great.

  2. Seeing these micro-currents of the city is one of my favorite parts of riding.
    Some recent sightings:A 300 pound tattooed man walking a tiny yorkie,
    A basketball shoe in the bike lane (?), signs for a "bedbug free sleeper sofa" and looking for a lost earring.
    Hope someone finds the tortoise.

  3. JK I am keeping my eyes open for that little guy, and would return him gladly for no reward.

    cycler I do appreciate a good bedbug free sleeper sofa. I keep seeing more and more lemonade for sale 25 cents signs without actual lemonade available, though. It was a hot ride home this afternoon, really could have used some, and I had my quarter read.


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