Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bridges, Roads, Paths, and Trails

More pictures from the Reach 11 Ride...bridges, paths and roads to take you there...

Mountains to the front of you...

Mountains to the right...

Ride that happy path...

Watch out for bunny! bunny! bunny! (he ran right through here just before the picture)

I rode them all on Sunday: bridges, roads, paths, trails, sidewalks, grassy parks, and muddy underpasses. I saw bunnies that ran in front of me, roadrunners that hopped over bushes, quail, lizards darting across the path, and many cyclists. It's Wednesday! I'm saving the best for Friday. Heh heh heh. 

Let's hit a high cadence and ride this week out to the long weekend. Got anything planned? I have a couple of fun family outings going on, some involving velocipedes, mountains, picnic food, and fresh air. Get up. Go ride.  



  1. That path in pic 4 truly does look happy.

  2. You sure have some beautiful places to ride!

  3. limom it certainly is, as long as you stay to the right (mountain biking), or go straight (long path), but don't veer to far left (freeway).

    Apertome it took me a long time to see the beauty in the city I live in, probably because I spent so much time in my car. Once I started cycling, I started seeing it, and I try to share that sense through the photos I put here. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. My rides take place in areas like this in Tucson. It is peaceful, isn't it? That bridge is beautiful and we have one similar in Tucson, near downtown.

    Thanks for the pics.

  5. You're welcome Big Clyde. It is peaceful, very true, and best appreciated on a bicycle, or on foot, instead of blasting through in a car.


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