Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Umbrella, the Lost Shoes, or What's Behind Door #3

Whatever you do, do not open door number three. Just pick up the shredded Air Jordans, and the discombobulated umbrella, back away slowly, and go to your bike. Get up. Go ride.


  1. I must know...what is behind the mystery door?!?

  2. Interesting how that one plate/tile next to the door knob seems misplaced.
    I wonder what's up with that.
    Oh, and at least you found a pair of shoes.
    I usually discover only one shoe.
    Or slipper.

  3. Yes, JR, your mission is to find out WHAT is behind the mysterious door. I think the combo is 2-4-5

  4. Gentlemen: I accept my mission. For my Friday post, I will attempt to ride on through to the other side, and reveal the heart of the mystery! If I am consumed by the mysterious abyss beyond, never to return, please say this about me: he got up. He rode.

  5. us bikey folks are pretty curious folks eh?! :D love what things and questions we come across - nice set!


  6. meli, we are, we are, wandering and wondering on two wheels.


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