Monday, August 2, 2010

The Tortoise Whisperer

Desert Tortoise, Headed North Along 44th Street

He was pretty big, about the size of a dinner plate, hauling shell up 44th Street on the sidewalk. Probably someone's pet, bulldozed his way out of the backyard, and was headed for the canal. A neighbor picked him up and said she'd put up signs. 

Prior to that, I spotted him for a few minutes to make sure he didn't wander across 44th Street. Short video below. They're not that rare, I know, but it's the first time I've seen one racing up the sidewalk. 

I took pictures and a video in an attempt to confirm I wasn't lost in one of my cycling dream reveries LA-LA land zone-o-ramas. The photo and video don't completely rule that out. In my spin. Talking to tortoises. Chatting really. Checking in with our shell-sporting reptilian brothers.

The buzzing in the vid is from the cicadas. Also, it rained on Sunday, a cool rain on an 80F day in Phoenix on the first of August. I'm hoping the cycling dream reverie sticks. The cool rain is welcome to hang around, too. But I'm hoping the tortoise is back in his home burrow now, munching some greens. Not ducking trucks on 44th Street.

The trail for Monday starts over there. Yeah, I know. I'll go first. You coming? Get up. Go ride.

Moving right along, until a truck passed, and he pulled into his shell


  1. Nice vid of the tortoise. He was moving pretty good there!

  2. Thanks Debbie! I'd really like to see one in the wild, but so far no luck.

  3. All the time he's thinking "I'm getting to old for this sh*t".

    You have done an incredibly good deed today. Well done.

  4. Big Clyde, I usually root for the underdog, and I swear I could hear the theme from Underdog playing as this guy charged up the street!


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