Friday, August 13, 2010

Ride to the Other Side: Into the Noiseless Zone

In yesterday's post, I offered a Let's Make a Deal alternative, and urged you not to choose to look behind door #3. Of course, like a Mangalore in the movie The Fifth Element with a gun with a red button of unknown purpose on it (BOOM!), or a computer user with a button that says DO NOT PUSH (oooo, pretty!), you, and I, need to know what's behind the damned door. So I rode back there to take a look. The access to The Other Side is not blocked off or anything, but neither did it look frequently visited, this no-man's land behind the noise wall. As I pedaled Yasuko (note to "self": need a new picture with bar ends) along the narrow lane, wondering what I would find ahead, I noted that the noise wall does indeed keep out most of the car noise from Goldwater Boulevard on the other side. In fact, it's a strange, quiet, back-alley world in that narrow lane, which seems to exist only as a between-space created only as an afterthought between two different construction projects: a group of interesting house-shaped objects (HSO) which appear fairly isolated from their surroundings, on the one side, and a widened and walled-off GW BLVD on the other. Oh, look there's fourteen feet leftover here, what should we do with it? (Attn: Planning Commission: curling, shuffleboard, bowling )

  What I Saw Riding to The Other Side

It goes from nowhere (the canal side) to almost nowhere (a quiet street), is too narrow for a car except perhaps a Smart car or a Mini, and is also blocked off with Dead End diamonds such that you couldn't drive back here if you wanted to. Not easily, anyway. To get here, which is the back of nowhere anyway, you are going by some form of human power. So I human powered my work-weary soul into The Unknown, through this uncharted netherworld, to learn what mystery lurks behind the mysterious door. Soon, I was upon it, and the Answer revealed itself to me, in all its glory, full of reality, bursting at the seams with it-ness: the Door Itself.

The Door Itself

But perhaps I missed something. Can we ever truly get to the other side by going around, rather than through The Door Itself? What is the deeper meaning of a locked and extremely sturdy door that is trivial to visit either side of, yet difficult to open without the Secret Code? Do I need to go back there, and, dare I imagine it, attempt the Secret Code shared with me by Steve A, (2-4-5), to see it if opens The Door? No, I dare not. Not on Friday the 13th. NO WAY. You first. I'll meet you on the other side. If you make it. If you don't, send me a postcard from wherever you land, and let me know how it is with bicycles there. 

A Great Weekend, I wish you, brother, sister, uncle, cousin, friend. Friday has a button on it. Your move. Get up. Go ride.


  1. Deep. You have wandered off into the realm of the solo pilot that spends too much time alone. When you talk to real people like this it makes them turn their head to check to see if they can still see you from the corner of their eye.

  2. I think it is like something from Harry Potter or The Twilight sends you to an alternate universe where chocolate is health food and margaritas come out of water fountains.

  3. Perhaps it is a door that opens to the abyss like in Dark City.
    Or maybe it opens up to Jennifer Connelly.

  4. OldFool yeah I get that corner of the eye deal a lot. It encourages me.

    Big Clyde I'll go Twilight Zone since I am anti-all things Potter. You have entered a zone where no cars can drive...only cyclists and pedestrians may travel...Noiseless Zone.

    limom she WAS back there, but I edited her out of the photos. Let's just keep this our little secret, mmKay?

  5. Both sides of the door have locks...

  6. Steve I think it's one of those nuclear missile launch type locks, where a guy stands on each side of the door and the higher rank yells over the wall at the other one, "Code on my mark: MARK" to open the door.

  7. By the way, I always thought those dudes in the 5th Element were Bangalores, like the torpedo or folks from Maine.


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