Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gumby: The Field Test

Gumby greeting the world he meets in the streets with his "Hi there! Have a great day" pose.

I was feeling some peer pressure to mount a whimsical figure on my handlebars to send a message to the world, but which figure? And more importantly, which mount? I chose Gumby, and 3M Dual Lock, and tested the combination under a variety of temperatures, wind speeds, road roughness, and humidity. I cleaned the surface with alcohol before applying the adhesive, and allowed the recommended 72 hours of cure time before squishing the two pieces together on the bar.

For this application, I chose the SJ3550(Type 250) Dual Lock, with approximately 250 stems per square inch, with a rated tensile disengagement strength of 57 pounds per square inch, and with peal and cleavage mode separation strengths considerably lower. Assuming that Gumby is a flexible substrate, and the handlebar a rigid substrate, that combination has a 90 degree peal strength rated at 4.6 pounds per inch of width. He's easier to peal off sideways than frontways or backways. I determined that the most reliable way to evaluate the suitability of the combination was to gather empirical data under real-world conditions.

The results? I conclude the 3M Dual Lock is an adequate mounting system for Gumby on a handlebar under typical Phoenix summer commuting conditions. I will report back periodically on any issues noted over time. Get up. Go ride.

He gestures serenely at the pigeons in the distance along the canal, bearing ill will toward no creature.


  1. Make sure the handle bar is clean before you apply the adhesive side of the dual lock, it is will fail sooner.

    You can find SJ3550 Dual Lock here

  2. Isn't Gumby's mission in life to go flying off stuff and then have adventures with his dopey little horse? He probably doesn't even squeek when you squeeze him. Still, he DOES look rather dapper facing head on to the world.

  3. mr. fastenersandtape, thanks for the info! Stick around a while! :)

    Steve, I think you are referring to civilian Gumby. Mine is Secret Agent Gumby. His true mission is highly classified, but I have been authorized to divulge that part of it involves waving at everyone.

  4. Hey! where'd you get that?
    I looked all over Nashbar and couldn't find it!
    Oh wait.
    Secret Agent Gumby.
    I see.
    I wave.

  5. Fun post. I think I have to start having more fun with the bike, on the bike. (It's supposed to be fun, right?)

  6. LUV IT *** hola gumbyyyy!!
    cant wait to see all the new adventures you 2 get into

  7. m e l i - for some reason with Gumby riding on my handlebar I end up taking the long way home, riding down strange streets, following paths I haven't gone down before, looking for new experiences.

    Big Clyde (do your friends call you "Big"?) yes! Fun on the bike, fun with the bike, fun in the general vicinity of the bike, using the bike in order to get to the fun, all are encouraged by this blog and its readers!


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