Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Follow Up, Closure, and Vector Control

Graphic design that's eye-catching and informative

Compared to the labels they were using before, this is amazing progress. I wonder if they had a lot of people walking up to these with paper cups, trying to get water out of them (BUCKET DOES NOT HOLD WATER). 

I'm hoping the mosquitoes carrying other diseases don't feel slighted because they were left off the label. Maybe that was on purpose though. Maybe an angry mosquito is easier to trap. And maybe, if everyone responsible for putting objects into our shared spaces (signs, roads, paths, buildings, trees, parks, fences, etc) paid as much attention to making them BOTH functional and attractive, at least to humans if not to members of the Culicidae family, as the graphic designers behind the vector control trap signage...I can only imagine. Get up. Go ride. Bzzzzzzzzzzzz.



  1. Wow!
    I thought that was like a beer label!
    Maricopa County IPA.
    Arizona, a place for justice, health, horseback riding and freeways.
    What are mosquitos doing in the middle of the desert?
    Oh wait, I just read that Maricopa has the greatest concentration of golf courses in the world.
    Why isn't a golf club on that state seal?
    and why are the cactus different?
    Can a device both surveil AND trap?
    Just what exactly is in that bucket?
    I need to get off the cold meds.

  2. limom I bet our mosquito population density is overall lower here. It has always seemed that we have fewer flying buzzing pests here than wetter places have. But people leave standing water all over the place here, too, like other places: old tires, disused swimming pools, etc. The golf courses are relatively blameless I believe--they have pretty active mosquito control programs for the most part. As to what's in the bucket: I theorized in the earlier post linked again here for your clicking convenience that it holds the solid form of CO2: "I determined that the trap is baited with dry ice, which sublimates and releases carbon dioxide, which the little flying disease-carrying blood suckers cannot resist. Then the little blue fan blows them into the bag. Take that, avid buzzing vectors of doom!"


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