Friday, August 27, 2010

Fat Cold Drops Falling from a Blue Sky

Fat cold drops, with blue sky and brilliant sunshine

Cold rain curtaining out of a blue sky with bright sunshine
Rain for the sake of water, without gusty wind, thunder, or lightning
I've seen this before, but couldn't quite place it
You know that feeling by now


Fat, cold drops curtaining out of a brilliant blue sky
Think back
Way back
How far?
Far enough.
Got it: a fishing trip as a child, northern Minnesota
A hot, humid July day in the boat with Dad trying to catch a trophy (I never did).
My skin was red and peeling from days in the sun
Sunburn so bad I was having trouble sleeping
Minnesota mosquitoes bothered me worse than the other things that broke up my sleep
Sitting in the boat watching the sunlight dapple the water
When fat cold drops began falling in curtains out of a brilliant blue sky
Water that felt so good on my skin that it returns to me on a bicycle ride to work one day

I wonder
I wonder if he forgave me
That the fish all seemed to fly away when I was around
I wonder if he knew how much fun I had on those fishing trips with no fish
Those summers running through the grass along the shoreline
The smell of an outboard motor
And the feel of a cold rain

Wonder is the bondsman of grief, a cheat, a thief--

I don't really wonder. I know 
I miss him.

Rain can camouflage other forms of water.

Get up. Go ride.


  1. Nice. You never know what will trigger memories.

  2. Liquid sunshine in the AZ.

  3. ...and once they're triggered, sometimes there's a flood of them. However they start out, it's best if they finish as liquid sunshine.

  4. Ah. It's never really about the fish, is it?

  5. Emma, it's not, but they make excellent stand-ins when your name is Ahab, or Santiago, don't they?


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