Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bus Stops That Aim Higher

Bus Stop With Bicycle Rack

Deluxe Bus Stop, with Horseshoe-shaped Bicycle Rack

Bus with Bicycles

This post is a follow-up to yesterday. Phoenix does have some good buses, which when used in conjunction with a bicycle and the light rail can get you just about anywhere. A high percentage of the fleet runs on LNG. The City states something like one million bus bike boardings per year. Which amazes me--there are a lot of people out there sticking their bicycles on the fronts of buses! Get up. Go ride. Take the bus part of the way.



  1. Oh, I've heard great things about your Light Rail there in Phoenix!

    Here in Louisville, we radical pinko commie types are still agitatin' to get our own light rail, or at very least a commuter train that runs on the existing rail infrastructure between here and Fort Knox.

    Thus far, we're progressing at the speed of ... well, I would say tortoise, but it looks like Phoenix has pretty fast tortoises :D

  2. The light rail is excellent, but it was a long time in the making. For a long time, the naysayers pointed out that for the same cost as the light rail, you could buy every family in the city a big american car instead. Which, I had to admit, was an intriguing way to put the cost into perspective, but on the other hand rather missed the point, entirely.


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