Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bus Stop With Low Ambitions

No, I don't expect a crowd, there's only one guy that uses this stop, on a good day


  1. How bizarre.
    Now if that were here, the simple explanation would be that the city ran out of funds.

  2. Most bus stops here are comprised of a sign on a pole usually located on the edge of somebody's yard. I always feel sorry for the people I see sitting on a curb in the sun waiting for the bus.

  3. Rat Trap. You have buses too!?

  4. I have put up another bus-related post to answer your excellent questions. There are also lots of stops that are just signs on poles. Since the one-seat stop is within one block of the deluxe stops in the next post, I don't think it was lack of funds. But maybe.


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