Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Too Far Gone or Far Too Cool

Found along the canal path. 

Theory A: Too far gone to hear the kickstand fall off the bike, or to care about it.

Theory B: Far too cool to ride one single foot farther sporting a kickstand.

Theory C: Across the flowing water, on the other bank, he spotted the love of his life, and nothing could stop him getting over to her before she rode away, not heat, or greed, or distraction, or fear, or doubt, or indifference, or indecision, or parts falling off his prized bicycle.

Theory D: A proud exemplar of our throwaway society suddenly found he had no further need of a kickstand for reasons other than style, and discarded it in place. Perhaps, for example, he never figured out what it was for, or how it worked, assumed it was broken, and time to get a new one.

Theory E: Someone placed it there in my path to test my reaction. 

Theory F: It's not actually a kickstand, it's something else, and I am terribly mistaken.

Get up. Go ride.


  1. It's a kickstand bomb.
    If it was discarded due to weight, where is the wrench? It's no longer needed.
    It's a clear case of alien abduction while working on the kickstand.
    Fixed that rattle.

  2. "Dude, nice bike!"
    "Thanks, I just got it."
    "Except um, you gotta lose that kickstand."
    "The kickstand, it's not cool."
    "But like, I totally use it. You know, when I park at the coffee place and all that."
    "And no one laughed at you yet? I'll bet they're laughing behind your back."
    "About a kickstand?"
    "Dude, look at my NJS fixie, you see a kickstand?"
    "Well, no but-"
    "Lose the kickstand."
    "I like my kickstand. It's convenient."
    "Convenient, shmenient. Whatevers, it's your bike."

  3. that's where my kickstand went!!!

  4. Oldfool's alien abduction theory wins the OSGar for Best Mental Picture. Someone got beamed up, with their bike, leaving behind only the kstand.

    limom gets the OSGar for best dialog.

    FraSiec gets the OSGar for Best Documentary.


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