Saturday, July 10, 2010

Time Away to Refresh the Mind and Spirit

A breakfast to set the tone for a week of vacation

I took a week off to recreate, refresh, renew, and do summer things with the family. My sister made this for me for breakfast one morning, and it was just about the best thing I have ever eaten, no exaggeration. She mixed homemade kefir (yogurt++), local honey, strawberries from her own garden I could see out the window, blueberries we picked ourselves that morning, and some celestial muesli, set it in front of me along with a hot cup of joe, and in my evaluation, all other breakfasts must bow in humble awe before this dish. When she set next to this bowl a small plate with two fried eggs from the chickens running around her yard nesting wherever they feel like, it seemed like the vacation was heading in the right direction.

Through the kindness of others, I was able to borrow bicycles to enable me to ride almost every day. I took many pictures and will post some once I narrow down the pile to the most worthy. We spent some time in Iowa, and some in Illinois, mostly in rural / farm settings which offered new and interesting riding opportunities. As much as I was eating, I had to ride to try to burn off at least some of the extra calories. Surprisingly, it all went according to plan. I even got lunch at the Oasis Falafel Joint in Iowa City after book shopping at The Haunted Bookshop. Our cats missed us. And I didn't bring home any new bikes, although the one in the picture below almost got accidentally shipped back to Phoenix. If the frame were a little bit bigger, it would be mine. More pix to come. Peace. Get up. Go ride.

Riding along Riverside Drive in Iowa City


  1. this is great - what yummy treat from your sister :D
    thanks for sharing +enjoy your vacay!!


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