Sunday, July 11, 2010

John Deere Five Speed Mixte

Next to the wood stove in the garage

 They don't make em like this any more

 Suntour Honor 2600 (1973?) Five Speed, w/ grass

Right next to this bicycle was an old Trek mountain bike (see next post) in a much better state of maintenance than this old work horse, so I just snapped a few pictures and then took off on the Trek. I didn't feel like a couple of hours of cleaning, lubing and adjusting when there was an alternative. But with a little attention I think this ~40 year old bicycle would take you places with its five gears and heavy steel almost as well as a new bike with 20 or 30 speeds. With this frame, you could mount a rack and carry farm implements around on it if needed. Or, possibly, carry your fresh eggs and extra garden strawberries (you can only put up so many quarts before it starts to seem important to share them) down to the local farmers' market. Or, throw a carpet scrap on the rack and carry your kid to watch the July 4 fireworks. With bungies, stuff you find along the road will find its way home with you. This bike has done these things before, and will do them again. Get up. Go ride.    


  1. Odd the way the reflectors are mounted.
    Odd in a good way.
    I think.

  2. It would be a perfect present for a "Deare"'wife of a farmer!

  3. limom - yeah, that looks like good reflector placement, should light up in the headlights of a pickup or passing tractor.

    SteveA - pretty sure it was!


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