Monday, July 26, 2010

Dreams Take Mega-Wing: Soleri Bridge Span Placed in Scottsdale Today

Big Dreams Require Big Tools

 Really Big Tools

The Crane Connected, Prepared to Take the Weight

 The Creator of the Bridge, Paolo Soleri

 Bicycles Were Ridden To the Observe the Spectacle

 The Bridge Aloft

Who can see into the mind or heart of an artist? We can catch glimpses if their works whisper to us in quiet reflective moments, and read reviews which attempt to apply years of study and a refined sensibility to peer deep within this mystery, but normally, an artist's interior world is no less an unfathomable mystery to us than the universes locked up inside the other billions of minds that inhabit the planet. When artists create mysterious things with obscure meanings, the distance is doubled, trebled, fourpled, x10: we stand in front of the Thing and feel isolated, distant, cut off from significance of an object that has been made, paid for, and displayed in a context which demands "YOU NEED TO FIGURE ME OUT." 

When this bridge is complete, and in a photograph-ready status on November 6, 2010 for the scheduled OSG photo shoot, I guess it will probably be the same. Perhaps after I ride my bicycle across it, or stroll across it, a few thousand times, in different light, in different times of the day, on different days of the year, as my children grow older and I with them, one day I may stand out on the span and experience an AH-HA moment which lays bare a deep significance inexpressible in words. Possibly. I'll give that a try. I'll get back to you on that.

But today, in this single rare instance, when that span dropped into place across the water and settled onto its supports, I have a strong sense that I know what Paolo Soleri was thinking and feeling in that moment: my bridge is real.

 The Bridge, Flying on a Steel Wing



A Crowd of Mere Onlookers, and One Creator

Nothing I can imagine can match that sort of moment. Nothing. Do not try to put forth alternate candidates, for they will all fall short. The rest of us gathered to watch the lowering of the span enjoyed it, but only one person there got to feel this: my bridge is real. I dream of a feeling like that, a moment of my own to rise to that height. Maybe some day. I ride out, I dream, I hold onto that hope, and see a man who waited decades to see it happen. But he did. So will I. So will you. Get up. Go ride.

Videos Below.
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  1. Span, span, span, span span, span, span, span.
    SPAN! Wonderful span!

  2. Wow, great shots of the bridge in flight! Hurrah for Mr. Soleri and his bridge!

  3. limom - the Python is strong with you. We could re-enact the classic Dance Beside the Canal at Teddington (with Fish).

    koko - thanks! And also hurrah for the surveyors, form-makers, concrete artisans, metal workers, and crane pros who are making this thing go together like a well-oiled machine.

  4. wow. Palo was there. Wish I would have known. Good job getting his picture.


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