Thursday, June 3, 2010

High Five: Go for Launch

She Could Totally Do It

Those pink socks are rocket fuel. They enable the wearer to do things like roll slowly up to a walk signal and high five it so hard the pole gongs in the key of C, all without unclipping. Note: One Speed: Go!, John Romeo Alpha, and the One Speed Go Clinic of Mountain Bike Street Riding do not condone or advocate vertical levitation while seated on a mountain bike, high fiving a walk signal sign in any state of WALK or DON'T WALK, or attempting to use pink socks as rocket fuel. Pink socks are not true rocket fuel. The measurable vertical thrust created by pink socks is probably 0 Newton-seconds. The idea of pink socks as rocket fuel should just be considered yet another baseless flight of fancy by a blogger who got caught up in a moment and now won't shut up about it. Although it should be also noted that riding your bicycle to commute to work in the perfect morning air of an early summer morning in the desert can lend support to such flights of fancy long enough to imagine very clearly that pink socks could be rocket fuel, to the extent that they could assist a very capable female mountain bike racer to get enough air to high five the crap out of a walk signal. Freaking laying on the ground smoldering and sparking after she got done with it. Because that pink jersey makes you as strong as Chuck Norris. Spinning back-kick, without unclipping. Scary power. Get up. Go ride.


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