Tuesday, June 15, 2010

City Lock of Geometric Pain

Pushes Your Buttons, Doesn't It?

This looks painful. I mean, if bikes could feel pain, this would probably hurt. More importantly, it just looks wrong. Something about seeing the bars and fork turned around like that makes me feel like the bike is broken or something. Which it isn't of course, just make the cables just long enough, and you can park your bike so that it looks like one of the experimental subjects of this great study. As I took the photo of this nice old aluminum-framed bike, though, I was wondering if that was the point: is parking your bike screwed up like this a method for making it less attractive to thieves? In that case, whatever works is OK by me. I don't know though. It just feels wrong. Get up. Go ride.


  1. It sort of has an Art Deco/Streamline look to it.
    The curve of the fork and the controls in back of the headtube sort of, well, makes it look cool.
    Must ride like a shopping cart with a broken wheel though.
    Come to think about it, seeing someone try to ride it that way might be cool too.

  2. I put my fork on backwards when I first got the outcast 29. Rode it too.

  3. It looks even more painful when handlebar and front wheel are not aligned. That looks as bad as a toothache!

  4. So, pretty much except for limom, I think this bike is safer by being locked up this way because it just looks broken. Possibly to some people in an art deco sort of way.


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