Tuesday, June 29, 2010

107F and a Tailwind

High of 110F Monday afternoon, 107F by ride time. A steady breeze blowing me home also kicks up dust, and hazes the distant mountains, rendering them indistinct, impressionist, le smogism. The wind at my back blows me through the heat and dust. The palm fingers bend and waver in the breeze singing a distant, dry, sizzling patter. Small leaves rub and whisper against one another, but palm fronds make as if to cut each other to shreds when the air whips them around. When the wind changes it sandblasts my skin. Even the canal ducks hunker down. I fly past them and they quack a warning I don't heed: slow down, slow down, the tailwind is pushing you faster than you think. But it's also blowing me home, I quack back, and ride on. Get up. Go ride.  


  1. Woo! That's pretty hot!

    I love the shot of the palm fronds bending in the wind!

  2. 107F. That was the hottest commute I had last summer. I remember well thinking that was about as hot as I was willing to ride voluntarily. We might be a touch damper than you and I had a headwind, but 107 is my limit unless I discover otherwise.

  3. 110F and 4% humidity (off the low end of the scale) tonight. A lot less wind though, so no sandblasting to contend with. A big slug of ice water before I started helped I think. We're in a hot spell now, so I can't let the temperature alone deter me from the bicycle, else it looks like I would be going by car for the next several weeks.

  4. Love your blog John, thanks for introducing me to it...

  5. Hi Taz, thanks for stopping by, I like your blog too.


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