Saturday, May 22, 2010

What Price Nirvana

A Dollar Ninety-Nine

$1.99 and a 20 mile windy ride on Bip and I am there after a mind-numbing week. Before: rambling thoughts, fatigue, loss of edge, lack of direction.

Om Mani Padme Yum

After: clear thoughts, energy, focus, direction, rhythm and no blues. From a hot dog and a ride!

Hot Dogs: Is It Just Me, or Is That Billboard Ill-placed?

I was the first customer on the first day for the nice guy who took my order here. The Sonoran hot dog was quite excellent with its bacon, jalapeños, and onions. Needed a few more jalapeños, though, not because I am a spicy food fiend, but because they complimented the other flavors and textures very well, and there weren't quite enough of them to stand up to the onslaught of bacon-onion-dog-tomato. I wasn't even going to stop here. I was in the neighborhood snapping photos for a future post on the unrelenting cynical tackiness of strip mall architecture, and was pausing here to capture the signage, when I was pulled in by the clear logical necessity of a $1.99 Sonoran Hot Dog: this is the Sonoran Desert, I have $1.99, it's been too long since I had bacon, I'm hungry, let's eat. This is unusual food for me: I am more of a whole wheat, fresh salad and lean protein type of eater, but when enlightenment beckons, you can't pull away. You need to take off your helmet and gloves, fork over the $1.99, chow down, and see the light. I've seen it now: it's toasty, meaty, bacony and good. Get up. Go ride.



  1. Long Wong's?
    The delivery vehicle behind the sign?
    Pinto beans and jalapenos?
    A musical note coming out of the dog?
    After the hotdog, did a musical note come out of you?
    There's at least 967 words left in that picture.

  2. nice comment Limom. I remember the old Tempe Long Wongs.

  3. It's a chain?
    I cannot stop looking at those pictures!
    Reminds me of like, maybe something out of a Tarentino movie.
    Oh and the hotdog looks pretty good too!

  4. limom - Long Wong's is a chain. Like Fra mentioned, they've been around here a long time. This one looks recently acquired with a different name--the sign in the background on top of the stand reads "Hot Diggity Dog Diggity Oh What You Do To Me", and has a gold crown on top. The sign in front covers up those words with Long Wongs signage. Check the bottom part of the front sign, where you can see the yellow tape. They used the same approach with the Sonoran Hot Dog sign, too, which used to say with Fries and Rings, and the price was $4.25.

  5. I'm not normally a fan of hot dogs, but if you add bacon and mushrooms, I'll eat just about anything.

  6. Yuri it is at 8510 North 7th Street. It was a Mexican restaurant very recently, before this.

    RTP I concur: bacon and mushrooms FTW.


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